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"you’re like the water molecules evaporating in the air i want to catch every drop of you"

 banana pancake[s]

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miweo-deactivated20120504 whispered : oh happy birthday! have a great day :)

thank youuuuuuu <33333

esy-floresy whispered : I heard you have a birthday today. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

thank you so muchhhhhhh~ 

kpopexpressions whispered : Your birthday ? Have I missed it !? HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! <3

unniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ yes, yesterday. the 12th. hohoho. thank youuuuu <3

leejaegoat whispered : Happy Birthday ^^ Me love ur blog! Hope Jonghun sent u his birthday kiss ;D

thank you so much~ *kisseu kisseu*