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"you’re like the water molecules evaporating in the air i want to catch every drop of you"

 banana pancake[s]

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" He really is a gentle man and a mood-maker. He shows his leadership when we practice and that’s Jaejin hyung’s charm. The thing which I supprised the most about Jaejin hyung lately is… (JJ shows up at this point and said, “Say what you were going to say!”) …is when I saw he was taking a shower…(Laughter) (JJ said, “Why? was I sexy!?”) "
- Seunghyun to Jaejin (SECRET = charming points)
" Although Minhwan is shy to strangers, real him is manly. I feel him like “Hyung”. I sometimes consult him when I have worries. "
- Seunghyun to Minhwan (SECRET = charming points)
" He’s much more warm-hearted than I thought when first met. His behavior looks cold sometimes but inside of his heart, what he is thinking is warm. "
- Minhwan to Jonghun (SECRET = charming points)
" Jaejin hyung basically has a quiet and serious image. But Jaejin hyung that I know is fun and, well, I don’t know the word but he’s something chic. He listens to other’s worries very much and help solving them. I can trust him! "
- Minhwan to Jaejin (SECRET = charming points)